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4 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Bitcoin Casinos

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ll have most likely heard of bitcoin by now. But besides this crypto currency taking the web by storm and heading up predictions for the future, did you know that the online betting industry is getting completely overhauled by bitcoin also? Emerging trends in bitcoin blackjack, bitcoin craps and bitcoin slots are all steadily gathering steam, meaning there’s a bright future ahead for casinos using this new currency as its economic model.

Here we take a look at some more reasons why bitcoin casinos are worth exploring. From seasoned players among you to beginners looking to see what it’s all about, bitcoin is the world of tomorrow and these are the types of casinos that are going to be running the show for years to come.

Markets Are Growing Steadily

Earnings for bitcoin casinos are impressive to say the least. According to the source, from their own reports on Wall Street, players bet over 1.7m bitcoin on the site with monthly growth rates purported to be around 78%.

It’s All Above Board

Bitcoin, given its relatively new timeframe and digital origins, is seen as somewhat volatile to some. Thanks to its relation with a lot of underground trading too, its got itself something of a questionable reputation in mainstream media. On the gambling front though people shouldn’t worry too much.

Bitcoin Gambling sites are reporting that all balances and kept and maintained exclusively in the currency, meaning the risk of losing any money outside bitcoin is non-existent. That should come as relief to newcomers tentative about joining the party.

Varied Gaming

If you thought all the bitcoin action was reserved strictly to blackjack then you’re sadly mistaken. The amount of games you can gamble bitcoin on is varied and growing more diverse by the day.

Cash Outs

Due to the versatility of bitcoin and its benefits over older currencies, online players are now able to use bitcoin casinos to cash out on a near daily basis. Couple that fact with the relative inexpense of payment processing and you might be even further surprised at the benefits of getting online to gamble in bitcoin.


Hopefully some of these reasons have helped sway you to jump into trying the bitcoin casino world if you haven’t already. The party, according to the data and reports, is only just hotting up.

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