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4 Things About Bitcoin Blackjack You Probably Didn’t Know

Bitcoin blackjack is taking off. Gone are the times of the past when you’d roll into a casino, cash in your bills for chips and then hit the tables. Crypto currencies are the future. Start playing with them today and you never know where you might end up tomorrow.

Still, as we’re talking about a relatively new online phenomena, I bet there are a few things that you might not know about playing blackjack with bitcoin. Further still, they might maybe even surprise you.

Finding an Online Casino is Hard

Blackjack’s status as one of the world’s all-time popular casino card games to ever grace the earth, means two things. The first? A lot of people play it. The second? It’s hard to find reputable and reliable casinos that cater to its bitcoin format.
Search online however and you’ll find that lists of safe and straightforward places to play is growing. As players continue to come out and talk about where best to play on blogs, in forums and on social media, finding an online place to play is only going to get easier.

A simple Google search, at this stage in the games development however, might not be the best foot forward. What we’d suggest is to contact actual players, drop them a line and ask where best to play and experiment. No doubt, if the casino is good, they’ll welcome you in.

Guides, Strategies and Learning Tips ARE Out There

The web is beginning to fill up with testimonies from bitcoin players the world over. Whether it’s current pros dropping hints on Reddit’s AMA threads, or content rich websites tailored to online casino players, it’s getting easier to pick up guides, strategies and learning tips for the game.

The Rules Are the Same

Although you’re swapping up currencies and playing with something a little lesser known, blackjack is blackjack all the same. That means the usual rules. All Kings, Queens and Jacks are valued at 10, while numbered cards are scored in relation to their value.

The same goes for ‘doubling down’, ‘splitting’ and ‘surrendering’, all things carried over from traditional blackjack to the newer form of this casino staple.

The Global Market is Booming

According to the research company H2 Gambling Capital, whose task it is to value online gambling markets based on gross winnings, the bitcoin blackjack market is set to grow through 2015 at a 9.13% compound rate. Based on previous projections made in 2012, where the market was valued at over $28bn, that’s some serious cash. The bottom line? The global market is booming and waiting for you to be part of it.

Bitcoin blackjack is ready and waiting to be played. Hopefully, with these four facts behind you, you might be more tempted than ever to give it a try.

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