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5 Awesome Tips to Win in Bitcoin Roulette

Casinos are more than what they used to be and these days; these places are perfect for those who love the thrill that is offered by various casino games and explore various games. In fact, most of the casinos today are making their facilities more accessible with the introduction online casinos that make gaming easier and more accessible for the greater chunk of the population. With these online casinos, you wouldn’t have to venture out just to play to your heart’s content. Among the most popular games that can be played especially when you are in a bitcoin casino is the roulette. Here are some of the most useful tips when you are playing roulette in an online casino:

Make those bonuses work for you

Online casinos are getting their fair share of patrons who are up for an enjoyable game at the roulette table. Unfortunately, the house edge for roulette games is quite high and it would be easier to make up for this difference when you make use of several welcome bonuses that is offered by many online casinos. If the requirements for meeting these bonuses are not impossible, be sure to play through them so that you can turn those bonuses into real money.

Pick numbers at the low side and bet the same amount on the High

Numbers which are on the low side, namely 1 to 18 are some of the best bets for those who are interested in getting the best value for their bets. Be sure to pick a number from this side and bet the same amount on the High side. If the ball stops at one of the high numbers, you will win but if it stops at one of the low numbers, you will still not lose any money as you have also placed a bet on that side.

There is no pattern in the outcomes

One of the greatest mistakes that people commit when they are trying to place a bet on roulette is in thinking that the current outcome is affected by the previous outcomes. This is quite untrue as the outcomes in the past are in no way related to future results. The results of roulette are quite random and it is quite difficult to tell what the next outcome would be.

Go for European roulette

When you are playing in an online casino, your choice as to the kind of roulette that you will be playing is quite wide as you have the option between the American and the European version. In this case, be sure to go for the European version as the house edge for this game is lower than that of the American version. Aside from going for the European version, be sure to check out whether they have a No Prison or a Surrender rule which can be quite handy when you want to get more from the game. Here you can the full or half stake back if the ball happened to land on a zero. This way, it would be easier to earn money from playing the game.

While you are still winning, cash out

When you are playing a game which is as engrossing as roulette, it would be difficult to stop especially when you are still at the top of your game. When you feel as if you have already doubled your money, cash out half so you can be sure that your bankroll will not be decreasing and that you are not losing so much money in the game.

Roulette is a cool casino game and you can already do it online. Nevertheless, a few tips can make it easier to win the game.

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