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5 Key Features to Evaluate Online Bitcoin Casino Functionalities

When you strip off an online bitcoin casino, what you get is pretty much lean and it can be summed up as the casino software. The building block of every mobile gaming site is the platform that allows the game to run. If there is something that you would have to pay a lot of attention to, it would be the gaming platform that a site is using. There are certain characteristics that you have to look for in a gaming platform, here are some:


This is a feature that is quite easy to see at first glance. Everyone is curious about the interface of the game and you should be too as it is one of the most attractive features of an online gaming site. The impression that people have on a first glance will surely affect the popularity of the game. While in the subject, you actually have two options, the download and the no download game. Of the two, there are generally more game offerings for the downloadable one.

Game Delivery

Much like a land based casinos, there is a primary difference in how games are delivered across online bitcoin casino platforms. The games may be quite similar and would usually include roulette, slots and poker. Although rules are quite similar, the way they are delivered differs from one platform to another. The odds will also have some differences, so it is important to pay attention to these things.

Fun/ Free Play Mode

In the same way that you get a free taste of a new product, there are usually a free game which is offered to first time visitors to a certain site. Although not all online bitcoin casinos give this away, this is starting to be quite a norm as the best way to reel people in is to give them a sample of what they could enjoy if they decide to stick to a certain online casino.

Autoplay Feature

Another thing that is getting quite an attention is the ability to put the game on autoplay. This mode has been seen in Playtech and Microgaming as well as in Cryptologic casino where you can have full control over the mode in which the game is played. When you choose to play as an expert, you will have access to the autoplay feature which can give you a wider berth as to implementing the best strategy. For someone who loves gaming, this is certainly a good feature.

Banking options

When you are playing in a casino, you should be well aware that money is a matter which will attract a lot of attention and you have to keep in mind that you need to know your choices when it comes to funding your bets. There are actually several ways through which you can get the necessary funds. In a bitcoin casino, you will surely be able to use the currency when you are making a bet. Aside from that there is always the option to charge to a debit and/or a credit card which is quite convenient for almost any player. However, there might be restrictions as to withdrawals and such and you should be well aware of this so that you will not be surprised by such conditions.


These days, online bitcoin casinos are quite the thing and it would certainly not come as a surprise why there is an increasing number of players who are planning to try these online casinos. With these online casino options, you can enjoy playing games wherever you are and you can protect your identity by using bitcoins if you are interested in anonymity. Nevertheless, it is vital to evaluate the facilities and functionalities of that casino to see what’s in it for you.

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