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Bitcoin Bingo: A Quick Introduction

Bitcoin Bingo has capitalised on the growing popularity of other gambling games currently offering players the chance to beat the odds in the exciting world of Bitcoin. Following on the heels of blackjack, roulette and slots, Bitcoin bingo is beginning to gather further steam as a new favourite among online gamblers and traditional bingo players looking to spice up their beloved past-time a little more. Heading online to play, bitcoin bingo’s appeal is down to varying factors, most of which will be discussed here in this quick introduction to the game.

Bitcoin Bingo Vs Traditional Bingo

The first thing new players to the game should know is that Bitcoin Bingo is pretty much exactly the same as traditional bingo minus the bingo halls, the bingo caller and the hordes of old people meeting up and chatting between the action. Bitcoin Bingo, moreover, has modernised the game a little, taken it online with a graphical interface so as not to lose the traditional excitement of watching the balls roll out and get called.

As far as the rules go the same applies. Players buy cards or tickets based on a round and then go about watching as numbers are called and matching them appropriately as to what is on the card. The main difference being you can play from anywhere, both on the go on a mobile device or directly from your desktop. A surefire advantage over the length of time spent and transport cost of getting down to your local bingo hall.

The last, most obvious, thing? You play in Bitcoin not US Dollars or British Pounds. Meaning you join the exciting world of crypto currency and follow along with the fluctuations in the worth of the currency.


Bitcoin Bingo’s Main Differences

Perhaps the biggest thing for new players to get their head around when it comes to playing this new form of an old classic are the unique features that playing in Bitcoin offers.

Anonymity, for example, is one of the most distinct advantages Bitcoin Bingo has over traditional bingo, meaning you can play at online casinos nameless, faceless and without revealing any personal data whatsoever (except possibly an email address). This is great for people who might possibly be embarrassed to be seen playing the game or otherwise are supposed to be something else!

Another key difference too is the ease of playing Bitcoin Bingo over its more traditional counterpart. Thanks to modern advances in technology, players no longer have to pay total concentration to the numbers called and whether they correspond with their cards. Thanks to auto-complete features, which have the computer match up your playing numbers for you, distractions will no longer cost you the prize or jackpot.

Bitcoin Bingo is fun, easy to pick up and offers distinct new features that otherwise haven’t been seen before. Getting involved is easier than ever, players only need to head online and get started.

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