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Bitcoin Cash Scam

What is Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was created as a fork of Bitcoin stealing the brand name and modifying the Bitcoin original source code to increase the block size. Bitcoin Cash was created to keep the old transaction history and old BTC addresses were given BCH with users receiving so called “free money”, this is something like printing free money similar to what the US Federal Reserve is doing when printing dollars (paper money controlled by a central bank).

Bitcoin Cash is a Scam

A Fraud is a “person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities”.

Craig Wright is a fraud when claiming he is Satoshi Nakamoto and it was proved that he was a lier.

Roger Ver is a fraud when he claims that the so called Bitcoin Cash is the “real Bitcoin” when actually only Bitcoin is Bitcoin and the so called Bitcoin Cash is just another fork of the original Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash Is “Downright Scam” said a Bitcoin Educator To Canadian Government.

Dubious individuals and companies were involved in creating Bitcoin Cash in an attempt to take over and control Bitcoin. The leaders and endorsers of Bitcoin Cash are Jihan Wu from Bitmain, Roger Ver from and Craig Wright (who claimed to be Satoshi Namakomoto and his so called evidences were proved to be false).

Roger Ver has a criminal record and was convicted for selling explosives and even if it was only for selling fireworks illegally the fact is that he actually did something illegal.

Craig Wright lied about being Satoshi Nakamoto and Jihan Wu is managing the multimillion dollar Bitmain Scam.

Bitcoin Cash claims to be descentralized when in fact it’ controlled by a few dubious individuals like Roger Ver, Craig Wright and Jihan Wu from the Bitmain. Bitmain subsidiary Antpool is accused of artificially boosting Bitcoin Cash (BCH) price (read more here).

They control the price and they will make the big profits, the rest of the deceived investors will endup in with losses when they will try to sell their purchased BCH.

This article reflects a personal opinion based on the many analyses published online and linked above.

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