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Casino Games With the Best Odds

Online Bitcoin casinos have undoubtedly attracted a lot of players from all over the world because it is very convenient and at the same time, it allows anonymous gaming. However, before starting your adventures in online casinos, you need to know some basic things especially when you are new to the world of gaming and this includes the odds. Any player will know that every game will have a house edge. Professional players know that they have to beat the odds if they want to win not lose. Inherently, a casino has already a certain percentage of winning the game. If you want to beat the odds, you have to be careful in choosing which games to play as this can have an effect on your chances of winning a game. Here are some more specific tips on odds and how it can be useful to your gameplay.

Craps (Double Odds)

This game happens to be one of the most popular casino games and the odds are really low and you will get better chances in winning in this game compared to others. For new players this may seem to be a bit intimidating but it is really a good game which is perfect for those who are interested in beating the casino as the house advantage is less than 1%. For those who are not too familiar with the game, the best thing to do is bet on a Pass Line. You can never go wrong with this bet and after about five minutes at the tables, you’ll get some idea on what you are doing. This dice game is certainly enjoyable and there are a lot of gamers who are crowding over the craps table.


Also known as Twenty One, This game has certainly been one of the most popular suggestions made by players who are veterans in the field. Plus, there is a player’s advantage if you can do maths pretty easily. One reason why it would be good to play blackjack is the fact that the house advantage for this game is quite small and if you perfect the strategies and the techniques for this game, you have a huge chance of winning. Similar to craps the house edge for blackjack is just around 1%. Another reason why there are a lot of people who are into this game is that their opponent are not other players who can intimidate and taunt them, they are only going against the dealer who is pretty much professional about the whole thing. New players should choose a slower tie, this way the dealer can help them out a bit although getting an education before trying the game out.


Another game which has a house edge which is also around 1% is baccarat, a card game which is played by comparing the hand of both the player and that of the dealer. However, a strategy that involves this game can be a bit hard to work out although you can pick up a thing or two from other people who are also playing the game. Nevertheless, this is also quite easy to learn.

Online casino gaming is certainly a leisurely activity if you are planning to while your time away. Not all players are on those online casino sites to win, some are just looking for an exciting time but no one can deny that the experience of playing in an online casino becomes even better when you actually get something from spending time there. Even if your winnings are not that big, there is a sense of accomplishment in beating the house advantage and getting something back from your bets. Indeed, online gaming becomes more attractive when you win.

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