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Top Security Tips for People Who Use Bitcoins in Gambling

A currency with no middlemen and which can be exchanged with ease by different people from all over the world is certainly working to the advantage of a lot of people, including online casino players. There have been a lot of people who are using bitcoins although it is still a bit new. With the introduction of this currency come security issues especially when you are using it for gaming over the internet. It is vital to observe certain measures to safe keep your currency and at the same time, to make it difficult or scammers to touch your account.

Avoid web wallets. Bitcoins are just like money although they do not have a physical form. It exists, but you don’t see it although you have proof that it is there. And just like that, you have the option to keep it in your own computer but you need to have the data encrypted or use a third party hosted wallet. As much as possible, it would be better to keep your bitcoins in your own computer as this is a safer choice. In most circumstances, web wallets attract a lot of hackers and your money might be endangered. However, these web wallets are also easier to use because you can immediately transfer bitcoins from one account to another without any problems.

Place bitcoins on hot and cold wallets. There are a lot of security measures that are used by Bitcoin wallets to ensure that your currency is protected. However, you are quite open to attacks from outsiders when you do this. Web wallets have been observed to be quite susceptible to Trojan attacks and the best way to avoid this is to keep coins on a hot wallet, one which is connected to the internet and a cold wallet, one which is offline. By using a storage device which is not connected to the web, you will be more confident that your currency is secured. Transfers can be done by using a printed QR code or a USB key where a plain text file is stored. There are apps that can be used for this transfer and be sure to add an encryption password for added protection.

Always have a backup. These days, people are highly dependent on machines and when something doesn’t go right, some people end up losing all the information that they have. One way to avoid this where your Bitcoin is concerned is to have a backup. Be sure to store the backup on another offline location or better yet, store them in different locations so you will not be in danger of losing access to your Bitcoin account should something happen. You can back up after every 100 transactions or you can also do this after making a transaction although the backup ability of your device will differ.

Use Linux for both Offline and Online Computers. When you are using bitcoins, transferring information through a USB is highly recommended and while you are doing this, it would be essential to look for an operating system which is not too susceptible to USB attacks. Out of all the systems available in the market, Linux is the one that proved to be highly reliable with these kinds of issues.

When you are using bitcoins, it is vital to think about how to ensure that all transactions are secure. You need to protect yourself and at the same time, your bitcoins. Safety should be a top concern especially for bitcoins since they are very easy to use and you can transfer them anonymously which only means that when you lose them, anyone can use it with ease.

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